Brian Wood

Brian P. Wood (Woodie) is a long time San Francisco Giants fan. He was born in Beeville, Texas, the son of a Navy pilot and resides in Pacific Grove, California with his wife Terrise. They have three sons, Daniel, Jack, and Nathan and dog Bochy. A retired U.S. Navy Commander and F-14 Tomcat Naval Flight Officer, Woodie is a Research Associate on the faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California specializing in Field Experimentation of new technologies before they are sent to military forces. He is active in youth sports, coaching 80 teams in baseball, soccer, and basketball. He has been a member of SABR since 1992 and has made a contributions to several SABR books including the greatest games books on the Montreal Expos, Milwaukee’s County Stadium, and St. Louis’ Sportsman’s Park and an upcoming book on greatest games at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field. He edited a book chronicling the career of Mike Sandlock, the oldest living MLB player before his death, and proofread part of the first issue of SABR’s The National Pastime during its digitization process.


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