Clayton Trutor

Clayton Trutor is a history instructor at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies. He is also a PhD candidate in US History at Boston College. He has participated in SABR’s Biography Project since 2012. He is a staff writer for “Down the Drive,” SB Nation’s University of Cincinnati athletics website. You can follow him on twitter @ClaytonTrutor.

SABR books edited by Clayton Trutor

SABR BioProject biographies written by Clayton Trutor

  • Al Gettel
  • Brad Woodall
  • Dwain Anderson
  • Ed Giovanola
  • Ed Sadowski
  • Glenn Hoffman
  • Jan Dukes
  • Jim Winford
  • Jocko Thompson
  • Joe Roa
  • Kent Mercker
  • Kevin Appier
  • Mark Leiter
  • Mike Easler
  • Pat Bourque
  • Richard Jacobs

SABR Games Project stories written by Clayton Trutor

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SABR Journal Articles written by Clayton Trutor

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SABR Research Topics written by Clayton Trutor 

  • Arizona Diamondbacks team ownership history

SABR Research Articles written by Clayton Trutor 

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