Cort Vitty

Cort Vitty is a native of New Jersey and a graduate of Seton Hall University. A SABR member (Bob Davids Chapter) since 1999, Vitty is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees. His work has previously appeared in The National Pastime, Go-Go to Glory: The 1959 White Sox, and Vitty resides in Maryland with his wife Mary Anne.

SABR BioProject biographies written by Cort Vitty

  • Babe Phelps
  • Benny Bengough
  • Billy Johnson
  • Bump Hadley
  • Buzz Arlett
  • Dave Philley
  • Ed Butka
  • Goose Goslin
  • Graham McNamee
  • Harry Simpson
  • John Stone
  • Johnny Neun
  • Johnny Sturm
  • Joseph Mayer
  • Les Scarsella

SABR Games Project stories written by Cort Vitty

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SABR Journal Articles written by Cort Vitty

  • The Final Flight of Tom Gastall
  • Graham McNamee: Broadcast Pioneer
  • Switch-Hit Home Runs 1920-60
  • Handy in a Pinch: Dave Philley
  • Yankees Catchers During the Miller Huggins Era

SABR Research Topics written by Cort Vitty 

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SABR Research Articles written by Cort Vitty 

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