John Thorn

John Thorn is the Official Historian of Major League Baseball. Apart from his creation, with Pete Palmer, of Total Baseball, his many baseball books over the past three decades also include Treasures of the Baseball Hall of Fame, The Game for All America, and Our Game, a history of the game which also supplies the title for his blog at In 2011 Simon & Schuster published his major work, Baseball in the Garden of Eden: A Secret History of the Early Game.

SABR BioProject biographies written by John Thorn

  • Doc Adams
  • George Wright
  • Jim Creighton

SABR Games Project stories written by John Thorn

  • October 30, 1871: Berkenstock returns after 4-year absence to help Philadelphia win first league championship
  • May 4, 1871: Association Ball: Kekionga vs. Forest City
  • July 25, 1867: The most important game in baseball history?
  • October 1845: The first recorded baseball games in New York

SABR Journal Articles written by John Thorn

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  • New York’s First Base Ball Club
  • Henry Chadwick Award: Larry McCray
  • Henry Chadwick Award: Peter C. Bjarkman
  • Henry Chadwick Award: Norman Macht
  • Henry Chadwick Award: Jerry Malloy
  • John Thorn: Introduction to The National Pastime: Premiere Edition
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  • Henry Chadwick Award: Harold Seymour and Dorothy Seymour Mills

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