Tara Krieger

Tara Krieger has been an active member of SABR since 2005, attending numerous national conventions and Casey Stengel/Elysian Fields chapter meetings. Although her current day job is as an attorney in New Jersey, she has previously been on staff as a sports writer at Newsday and The Poughkeepsie Journal. She also worked as an editorial producer at MLB Advanced Media, watched and analyzed baseball games for a living in order to create punchy headlines and clever captions for official team websites. With SABR, she is an editor and contributor to BioProject and has participated in the publication of several SABR books, including Van Lingle Mungo, The Miracle Has Landed, Bridging Two Dynasties, Go-Go to Glory, Minnesotans in Baseball, and the upcoming collection on no-hitters. She also presented original research, “Andy Coakley vs. the Cubs: Baseball’s Forgotten Labor Struggle,” at the 2015 SABR national convention in Chicago.

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