SABR Games Project reaches milestone with 3,000th published article

SABR Games Project reaches milestone with 3,000th published story

The SABR Games Project has reached a milestone with the publication of its 3,000th article this week! The newest batch  of SABR Games Project stories includes notable and memorable games from all eras of baseball history, including:

With the recent addition of Negro Leagues box scores at, many SABR Games Project stories on the Negro Leagues now include play-by-play details on the exploits of Black baseball greats such as Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, and Buck Leonard. 

Formed in 2014 and now headed up by John Fredland, Steven C. Weiner, Len Levin, Bruce Slutsky, and Laura H. Peebles, the SABR Games Project is an initiative to research, write, and publish accounts of major-league regular season, postseason, and All-Star Games, along with other games of historical significance such as in the Negro Leagues, minor leagues, or international or exhibition contests.

SABR Games Project accounts cover the range of significance, such as Jackie Robinson’s debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Cincinnati Red Stockings’ first defeat in 1870, Al Capone’s visit to Comiskey Park, or Tippy Martinez picking off three baserunners in one inning. We also have stories on significant achievements such as four home run games, no-hitters, pennant clinchers, and 3,000th hits.

Members of the SABR Games Project have produced a number of themed books with collections of articles on the most memorable games at Wrigley Field or the Houston Astrodome, plus digital projects on First Games Back and Opening Day

It’s easy to get involved. Any SABR member is eligible to write for the Games Project. If you’d like to help contribute, find out how by reading the Games Project FAQs or checking out the Authors’ Guidelines. If you’re not a SABR member, visit to learn more or to sign up for an annual or monthly membership.

Originally published: October 7, 2021. Last Updated: October 8, 2021.