Steven C. Weiner

Steven C. Weiner, a SABR member since 2015, is a retired chemical engineer and a lifelong baseball fan starting with the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950s. During his undergraduate years at Rutgers University, Steven authored newspaper articles and helped prepare media guides for the sports information office. On WRSU radio, he enjoyed doing baseball and basketball play-by-play in addition to evening sports news and interviews. Steven obtained his doctoral degree in engineering and applied science from Yale University. He has contributed hydrogen and fuel cell safety knowledge to the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety and technical literature to the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Steven currently contributes essays to the SABR Games Project, volunteers as an in-classroom tutor at a local middle school, and serves as a fundraising volunteer for the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation. You can often find him at Nationals Park for a ballgame.


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