John McMurray

John McMurray is Chair of SABR’s Deadball Era Committee and Oral History Committee. He is a past chair of SABR’s Larry Ritter Award subcommittee, which annually presents an award to the best book on Deadball Era baseball published during the year prior. He serves on the selection panels for both the Ritter Award and the Ron Gabriel Award, and is active with SABR’s Jack Graney Chapter in Cleveland.


SABR BioProject biographies written by John McMurray

  • Al Bumbry
  • Amos Strunk
  • Bob Elliott
  • Bobby Grich
  • Connie Ryan
  • George Stone
  • Jimmy Austin
  • Joe McCarthy
  • Larry Doby
  • Marty Castillo
  • Neal Ball
  • Phil Masi
  • Sam Agnew
  • Sherm Lollar
  • Walter Barbare

SABR Games Project stories written by John McMurray

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SABR Journal Articles written by John McMurray

  • Q&A with SABR Deadball Stars book editor David Jones
  • You Know Me Al, by Ring Lardner
  • 1914-15 Cracker Jack baseball cards
  • 100 years later, looking back at Ernie Shore’s ‘perfect game’
  • The Origins and History of the Larry Ritter Book Award
  • Grantland Rice’s legacy in the Deadball Era
  • Babe Ruth, Brooklyn Dodgers Coach
  • Examining Stolen Base Trends by Decade from the Deadball Era through the 1970s
  • Stolen bases in the Deadball Era: A relentless approach
  • Dorothy Seymour Mills: Reflections on a life in baseball research
  • Will sabermetrics tilt the scale on Deadball Era players entering the Hall of Fame?
  • Almost Three Games in One: Astros 1, Mets 0 on April 15, 1968

SABR Research Topics written by John McMurray 

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SABR Research Articles written by John McMurray 

  • SABR celebrates 100th anniversary of the Fred Merkle Game in 1908

SABR Ballparks written by John McMurray 

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