Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch was born in the heart of Red Sox Nation in the year of Yastrzemski and has been a diehard Red Sox fan ever since. A member of SABR since 2004, he lives in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. He is the author of three books, Harry Frazee, Ban Johnson and the Feud That Nearly Destroyed the American League, which was named a finalist for the 2009 Larry Ritter Award in addition to being nominated for the Seymour Medal; It Ain’t So: A Might-Have-Been History of the White Sox in 1919 and Beyond, and Baseball’s Untold History: Vol I—The People. His work has also been featured in SABR books about the 1912 Boston Red Sox and 1914 Boston Braves.

SABR BioProject biographies written by Mike Lynch

  • Art Shires
  • Austin McHenry
  • Chick Fraser
  • Fred Toney
  • Maurice Lerner
  • Phil Douglas

SABR Games Project stories written by Mike Lynch

  • July 15, 1975: In Milwaukee, NL wins fourth straight All-Star Game
  • July 14, 1968: Astros’ Don Wilson strikes out 18, ties two records
  • June 21, 1967: Lonborg, Red Sox trade beanballs with Yankees
  • June 13, 1924: Yankees win forfeited game in Detroit as ‘all hell breaks loose’
  • September 16, 1922: Whitey Witt knocked out in Yankees-Browns melee
  • October 9, 1919: Cincinnati Reds beat the Black Sox to win first World Series championship
  • October 6, 1919: Hod Eller scatters three hits, fans nine to lead Reds in Game 5
  • October 4, 1919: Ring’s pitching, Cicotte’s errors lead Reds over White Sox in Game 4
  • October 3, 1919: White Sox rookie Dickey Kerr turns Tables on Reds, gamblers in Game 3
  • August 24, 1918: Cubs clinch fifth National League pennant in 13 years with doubleheader sweep
  • May 2, 1917: Fred Toney and Reds prevail 1-0 in double no-hitter against Cubs’ Hippo Vaughn
  • June 16, 1916: Salida Tom Hughes no-hits Pirates at Braves Field
  • April 23, 1914: Chicago Feds open Weeghman Park, later known as Wrigley Field
  • September 22, 1911: Rookie Conwell’s inglorious debut

SABR Journal Articles written by Mike Lynch

  • The Retroactive All-Star Game Project

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SABR Research Articles written by Mike Lynch 

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