Chris Rainey

Chris Rainey has been a SABR member since the late 1970s when he helped Eugene Murdock transcribe interviews of former players. In 2008 he wrapped up a 35-year teaching/coaching career in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Chris Rainey

  • Ace Parker
  • Al Atkinson
  • Amos Booth
  • Andy Boswell
  • Benny Frey
  • Bernie Neis
  • Bert Brenner
  • Bill Hinchman
  • Bill Knickerbocker
  • Bill Richardson
  • Bill Schwartz
  • Billy Clingman
  • Billy Sullivan Jr.
  • Biz Mackey
  • Blas Monaco

SABR Games Project stories written by Chris Rainey

  • April 8, 1993: Baerga hits two homers in one inning
  • April 17, 1974: George Mitterwald’s monster game leads Cubs to victory
  • August 29, 1969: Braves turn an ‘impossible’ triple play against Cubs
  • July 9, 1963: Mays leads NL stars in return to single All-Star Game
  • April 14, 1925: Indians, Browns combine for 35 runs on Opening Day
  • September 21, 1922: Doc Hamann makes inglorious debut for Indians
  • May 1, 1886: Al Atkinson throws second career no-hitter

SABR Journal Articles written by Chris Rainey

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SABR Research Topics written by Chris Rainey 

  • Dropkick Murphys

SABR Research Articles written by Chris Rainey 

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