Rob Edelman

Rob Edelman (1949-2019) was the preeminent expert on the history of baseball in film and cinema, publishing countless articles and several books on that subject. He was the editor of SABR’s From Spring Training to Screen Test: Baseball Players Turned Actors in 2018, and also wrote Great Baseball Films and Baseball on the Web. With his wife, Audrey Kupferberg, he coauthored Meet the Mertzes, a double biography of Vivian Vance and super-baseball fan William Frawley, and Matthau: A Life. For many years, he broadcast weekly film commentaries on WAMC Northeast Public Radio and taught Film Studies courses at the University at Albany. He was a frequent lecturer on baseball and film topics. Rob was born on March 25, 1949 in Queens, but he spent the first half of his life in Brooklyn. He held a bachelor’s degree from a combination of colleges, including Syracuse University and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. He was a cultural Jew. In 1987, Rob married Audrey and in 1991 they moved to Audrey’s hometown of Amsterdam to help care for his mother-in-law. They enjoyed their life in Amsterdam and settled down in the house where Audrey grew up.


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  • Art Passarella
  • Bernie Williams
  • Burt Shotton
  • Connie Desmond
  • Greg Goossen
  • Hank Behrman
  • Joe L. Brown
  • King Bader
  • M. Donald Grant
  • Mike Donlin
  • Pee Wee Reese
  • Snuffy Stirnweiss
  • Tommy Henrich

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