Andrew Sharp

Andrew Sharp grew up in the D.C. area as a fan of Washington Senators I and II, and spent 30-plus years in the wilderness as a New York Mets fan before happily regaining a Washington team to support. A retired newspaper editor, he began writing BioProject essays in 2017 and has written SABR’s ownership histories of the Griffith era and the expansion Senators. He charts minor-league games on a freelance basis for Baseball Info Solutions.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Andrew Sharp

  • Chuck Brinkman
  • Clyde Kluttz
  • Curly Ogden
  • Dick Phillips
  • Duke Maas
  • Earl McNeely
  • Earl Smith
  • Ed Brinkman
  • Ellis Clary
  • Fred Schulte
  • George Binks
  • George Brunet
  • George Jeffcoat
  • Hal Jeffcoat
  • Jack Dalton

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SABR Research Topics written by Andrew Sharp 

SABR Research Articles written by Andrew Sharp 

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