Greg Erion

Greg Erion (1947-2017) joined SABR in 1980 and was an accomplished author and historian. Since 2015, he served as project leader for the fledgling SABR Games Project and helped this new initiative thrive, building a solid team of editors and contributors, overseeing the production of five SABR Digital Library books, and providing a sense of stability, leadership, and direction for the entire effort. He also contributed many stories of his own to the Games Project and BioProject, including a biography of his favorite player, one-time NL batting champion Debs Garms. He was born August 11, 1947, and was in the first four-year graduating class at El Camino High School. He earned a degree in transportation from San Francisco State University and served with distinction in the U.S. Army in Thailand during the Vietnam War. He worked for many years as an executive with the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. He earned two master’s degrees, one in business and another in history, and taught history classes in recent years at Skyline College.



SABR BioProject biographies written by Greg Erion

  • Babe Herman
  • Bennie Daniels
  • Bill Slayback
  • Blue Moon Odom
  • Bob Bowman
  • Bubbles Hargrave
  • Charlie Fuchs
  • Chet Morgan
  • Chick Hafey
  • Debs Garms
  • Dick Sisler
  • Earl Grace
  • Francis Healy
  • Gene Moore
  • Jack Maguire

SABR Games Project stories written by Greg Erion

  • September 28, 2000: Milwaukee County Stadium hosts its final game
  • October 9, 1999: Astros send the Dome out with a whimper, not a bang, in NLDS loss
  • July 13, 1983: Bjorkman knocks in five in cup of coffee for Astros
  • June 26, 1975: Tiant checks Yankees; Fisk homers
  • May 8, 1966: Cardinals play their last game at Sportsman’s Park
  • July 13, 1965: Senior Circuit takes charge in Minnesota’s first All-Star Game
  • July 7, 1960: Musial celebrates last-minute All-Star selection
  • September 28, 1959: Dodgers win first game of 1959 NL playoff behind Larry Sherry’s strong relief
  • August 11, 1951: Giants reach lowest point of pennant-winning season
  • July 12, 1951: Rogovin Goes Seventeen in Losing Effort
  • October 7, 1950: Yogi Berra delivers knockout blow as Yankees sweep Phillies in World Series
  • October 6, 1950: Jerry Coleman’s walk-off single lifts Yankees to 3-0 lead in World Series
  • October 5, 1950: DiMaggio’s 10th-inning homer gives Yankees a 2-0 lead in World Series
  • October 4, 1950: Yankees’ Vic Raschi shuts out Phillies on two hits in World Series opener
  • July 25, 1947: Reds’ Ewell Blackwell sets modern NL record with 16th straight victory

SABR Journal Articles written by Greg Erion

  • 1935 Tigers: Season in Review
  • Debs Garms, the Bioproject, and I

SABR Research Topics written by Greg Erion 

  • St. Louis Browns team ownership history

SABR Research Articles written by Greg Erion 

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SABR Ballparks written by Greg Erion 

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