Greg Erion

Greg Erion (1947-2017) joined SABR in 1980 and was an accomplished author and historian. Since 2015, he served as project leader for the fledgling SABR Games Project and helped this new initiative thrive, building a solid team of editors and contributors, overseeing the production of five SABR Digital Library books, and providing a sense of stability, leadership, and direction for the entire effort. He also contributed many stories of his own to the Games Project and BioProject, including a biography of his favorite player, one-time NL batting champion Debs Garms. He was born August 11, 1947, and was in the first four-year graduating class at El Camino High School. He earned a degree in transportation from San Francisco State University and served with distinction in the U.S. Army in Thailand during the Vietnam War. He worked for many years as an executive with the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. He earned two master’s degrees, one in business and another in history, and taught history classes in recent years at Skyline College.



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