Norm King

Norm King (1957-2018) of Ottawa, Ontario, joined SABR in 2010 and became a prolific contributor to the SABR BioProject and Games Project until his untimely death from a rare form of bile duct cancer in 2018. He was the lead editor and author of Au jeu/Play Ball: The 50 Greatest Games in the History of the Montreal Expos, published in 2016, and wrote chapters for a number of other SABR books, including Thar’s Joy in Braveland: The 1957 Milwaukee Braves, Winning on the North Side: The 1929 Chicago Cubs, and A Pennant for the Twin Cities: The 1965 Minnesota Twins. He was an active member of SABR’s Quebec Chapter and a friendly face at the SABR national convention each year.


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SABR Research Articles written by Norm King 

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