Russ Walsh

Russ Walsh is a retired history teacher, reading specialist, and school administrator. His love of baseball began at about the same time he learned to stand up and hold a bat. A lifelong Phillies fan, he could be found most days of his youth imitating the pitching motion of Robin Roberts and the swing of Stan Lopata in the field across the street from his home. He has a particular interest in baseball’s underdogs and the quirky oddball happenings that constantly occur on the baseball diamond. Russ writes for both the SABR BioProject and Games Project and volunteers by helping post new Games Project articles to the website. Russ also writes about baseball for the Internet Baseball Writers of America (IBWAA) newsletter, “Here’s the Pitch,” and posts weekly on his own blog, The Faith of a Phillies Fan. Contact Russ on Twitter @faithofaphilli1.


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