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SABR BioProject biographies written by Gary Sarnoff

  • Bob Myrick
  • Chick Starr
  • George Halas
  • Jimmy O’Connell
  • John Castino
  • Mike Champion
  • Mike Huff
  • Monty Stratton
  • Ross Baumgarten
  • Sam West
  • William Richardson

SABR Games Project stories written by Gary Sarnoff

  • September 7, 1972: ‘Black September’ overshadows Brewers-Indians game in Cleveland
  • August 13, 1972: Expos win nightcap after Great Wallenda walks across Veterans Stadium
  • August 13, 1972: The Great Wallenda and Steve Carlton
  • July 14, 1969: ‘What a Baseball Manager Does’: Nats’ Joe Coleman shuts out Tigers
  • May 6, 1937: The Hindenburg Game at Ebbets Field
  • October 1, 1932: The Babe calls his shot … or does he?
  • September 29, 1924: First in war, first in peace, now first in the American League
  • May 3, 1917: Cubs get revenge after double no-hitter on Cueto misplay

SABR Journal Articles written by Gary Sarnoff

  • Babe Ruth’s Half Season with the Baltimore Orioles in 1914
  • Bill Starr: The San Diego Padre Who Batted for Ted Williams and Integrated the PCL
  • A Dark, Rainy Game Seven: The Pirates Defeat the Big Train in the 1925 World Series
  • The Day Babe Ruth Came to Sing Sing
  • Stories in Washington Baseball History

SABR Research Topics written by Gary Sarnoff 

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SABR Research Articles written by Gary Sarnoff 

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SABR Ballparks written by Gary Sarnoff 

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