Gary Sarnoff

Gary A. Sarnoff has been an active SABR member since 1994. A member of SABR’s Bob Davids Chapter, he has contributed to SABR’s Bio and Games Projects, and to the annual publication of The National Pastime. He is also member of the SABR Negro Leagues Committee and has previously served as chairman of the Ron Gabriel Committee. In addition, he has authored two baseball books: The Wrecking Crew of ’33 and The First Yankees Dynasty. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Gary Sarnoff

  • Bob Myrick
  • Chick Starr
  • George Halas
  • Jimmy O’Connell
  • John Castino
  • Mike Champion
  • Mike Huff
  • Monty Stratton
  • Ross Baumgarten
  • Sam West
  • William Richardson

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SABR Research Articles written by Gary Sarnoff 

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