Mark Armour

Mark Armour was elected as the President of SABR’s Board of Directors in 2019. He is the founder and longtime (2002-2016) director of SABR’s Baseball Biography Project. He was the recipient of SABR’s highest honor, the Bob Davids Award, in 2008 and the Henry Chadwick Award, honoring baseball’s greatest researchers, in 2014. His book Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball, published by the University of Nebraska Press, was a finalist for the prestigious Seymour Medal in 2011, as was In Pursuit of Pennants, also published by Nebraska, which he co-wrote with Dan Levitt in 2015. Mark has written or co-written several other books and many articles for publication. In 2016, he and Chris Dial resurrected SABR’s Baseball Cards Committee.  For more information on all of this, visit his website.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Mark Armour

  • Deacon Phillippe
  • Del Webb
  • Dennis Bennett
  • Denny McLain
  • Don Buford
  • Duffy Lewis
  • Earl Torgeson
  • Eddie Basinski
  • Ellis Kinder
  • Emmett Ashford
  • Felipe Alou
  • Firpo Marberry
  • Frank Cashen
  • Frank Howard
  • Fred Beene

SABR Games Project stories written by Mark Armour

SABR Journal Articles written by Mark Armour

SABR Research Topics written by Mark Armour 

SABR Research Articles written by Mark Armour 

SABR Ballparks written by Mark Armour 

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