Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen serves as Vice President-Treasurer of the Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter and is the chairperson of the SABR Bio-Project factchecking committee. He has written more than 50 biographies for the Bio-Project, has contributed to more than 50 baseball-related publications, and has expanded his research into the Hearst Sandlot Classic (1946–65), which launched the careers of 88 major-league players. He is also the co-editor of SABR’s First Games Back project. He has four children and eight grandchildren and resides in Connecticut with wife, Frances, and their cats, Morty, Ava, and Zoe, and their dog, Buddy.



SABR BioProject biographies written by Alan Cohen

  • Adrian Garrett
  • Alejandro Pena
  • Alex Rodríguez
  • Andy Benes
  • Bill Denehy
  • Bill Rigney
  • Bill Robinson
  • Bob Ojeda
  • Bret Saberhagen
  • Buck Etchison
  • Casey Cox
  • Cliff Carroll
  • Connie Johnson
  • Dennis Cook
  • Derek Jeter

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