Rory Costello

Rory Costello is Co-Chairman of the BioProject Committee and Chief Editor. He also participates actively in writing for the BioProject. His involvement started as the author of Baseball in the Virgin Islands. It was a great pleasure and privilege to interview the subjects — some outgoing, some quiet, but typically affable — and discover their genuine fraternity. As an alumnus of Williams College, he was drawn to delve into the life of Ted Lewis and other Ephmen. A resident of Brooklyn, he has also written “Twilight at Ebbets Field” — a chapter of stadium lore revealing what happened after the Dodgers left. Ballplayers from Hawaii are another of his pet topics, but he has covered players from 20 different nations or territories, including 11 places in Latin America and the Caribbean.


SABR BioProject biographies written by Rory Costello

  • Al Gionfriddo
  • Al McBean
  • Al Oliver
  • Al Unser
  • Alec Distaso
  • Alex Treviño
  • Alfonso Gerard
  • Allan Lewis
  • André Rodgers
  • Andrés Mora
  • Anthony Young
  • Artie Clarke
  • Babe Hamberger
  • Ben Geraghty
  • Benny Agbayani

SABR Games Project stories written by Rory Costello

  • May 21, 2005: Mr. Koo’s wild ride
  • October 7, 2000: Benny Agbayani’s blast ends playoff drama in 13th inning
  • July 28, 1991: ‘El Presidente’ Dennis Martínez is ‘el perfecto’ at Dodger Stadium
  • August 1, 1987: ‘Tired’ Andre Dawson hits three homers in MVP season
  • October 15, 1986: Mets win NLCS thriller in 16 innings
  • October 14, 1986: Gary Carter’s 12th-inning single wins Game 5 of NLCS
  • October 11, 1986: Lenny Dykstra’s homer wins Game 3 for Mets
  • April 17, 1976: Bees swarm Riverfront as Reds swamp Giants, 11-0
  • September 11, 1974: Cardinals prevail over Mets in 25 innings at Shea Stadium
  • September 17, 1973: Montreal Expos ‘stumble onto a pennant race’
  • July 21, 1970: Padres’ Clay Kirby lifted in eighth inning during no-hit bid
  • April 9, 1965: Astros beat Yankees in first game inside the Houston Astrodome
  • October 12, 1963: Latin American charity game is Polo Grounds’ ‘grand finale’

SABR Journal Articles written by Rory Costello

  • 1947 Dodgers: Al Gionfriddo’s Memorable Game Six Catch
  • 1975 Reds: Pete Rose mans the hot corner
  • 1964 Phillies: What to do with two Gold Glove shortstops?
  • 1964 Phillies: The Amaro Chronicles
  • 1964 Phillies: In defense of Chico Ruiz’s ‘Mad Dash’

SABR Research Topics written by Rory Costello 

  • Twilight at Ebbets Field

SABR Research Articles written by Rory Costello 

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SABR Ballparks written by Rory Costello