Frederick C. Bush

Frederick C. (Rick) Bush joined SABR in March 2014. Since that time he has written articles for over two dozen SABR books as well as the Biography and Games Project websites. Together with Bill Nowlin, he has co-edited five SABR books about the Negro Leagues: Bittersweet Goodbye: The Black Barons, the Grays, and the 1948 Negro League World Series (2018); The Newark Eagles Take Flight: The Story of the 1946 Negro League Champions (2019); Pride of Smoketown: The 1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords (2020); When the Monarchs Reigned: Kansas City’s 1942 Negro League Champions (2021); and The First Negro League Champion: The 1920 Chicago American Giants (2022). A sixth book about the 1934 Philadelphia Stars is already in progress. Rick lives with his wife, Michelle, their three sons — Michael, Andrew, and Daniel — and their Border Collie-mix, Bailey, in the greater Houston area, where he teaches English at Wharton County Junior College’s satellite campus in Sugar Land.


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