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Baseball fans, tune in this season to SABRcast with Rob Neyer, a weekly podcast hosted by award-winning author and longtime SABR member Rob Neyer. SABRcast features insights and analysis of what’s happening in modern baseball on and off the field, plus compelling interviews with figures from around the game — and music from The Baseball Project.

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Neyer is a longtime baseball writer and editor for, SB Nation, and He began his career as a research assistant for groundbreaking baseball author Bill James and later worked for STATS, Inc. He has also written or co-written seven baseball books, including The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers (with Bill James), winner of the Sporting News/SABR Baseball Research Award, and most recently Power Ball: Anatomy of a Modern Baseball Game, winner of the 2019 CASEY Award.

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Current Episode

Episode #164: May 30, 2022

Emma BaccellieriThis week’s guest is Emma Baccellieri, a staff writer at Sports Illustrated since 2018 and a two-time recipient of the SABR Analytics Conference Research Award. She was honored in 2022 for her article on deadening the baseball and in 2018 for her exploration of MLB Statcast at Deadspin. Her recent work includes stories on writer Roger Angell, the “sweeper” phenomenon, and the happiest man in baseball, Tampa Bay’s Brett Phillips. She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and graduated from Duke University with a history degree. She was a guest on SABRcast #117 in June 2021.

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What’s Rob Reading?

Screenshot of Apple TV's probability of reaching base in a recent game

“How Good Are Those Probabilities on the Apple TV+ Broadcasts?”
By Ben Clemens, FanGraphs

“As you’re probably aware, Apple TV+ has stepped onto the baseball broadcasting scene this year, airing two games every Friday. They’re stylistically different from your average baseball broadcast, even at a glance. The colors look different, more muted to my eyes than the average broadcast. The score bugs are sleek, the fonts understated. The announcers are mostly new faces. And most interestingly, to me at least, the broadcast displays probabilities on nearly every pitch. As a big old math nerd, I love probabilities. They appeal to something that feels almost elemental. Every time I watch a baseball game, I wonder how likely the next hitter up is to get a hit – or to reach base, or strike out, or drive in a run. It’s not so much that I want to know the future – probabilities can’t tell you that – but I would like to know whether the outcome I’m hoping for is an uphill battle or a near-certainty, and how the ongoing struggle of pitcher against hitter changes that. The Apple TV+ broadcasts gets those probability numbers from nVenue, a tech startup that got its start in an NBC tech accelerator.”

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