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Baseball fans, tune in this season to SABRcast with Rob Neyer, a weekly podcast hosted by award-winning author and longtime SABR member Rob Neyer. SABRcast features insights and analysis of what’s happening in modern baseball on and off the field, plus compelling interviews with figures from around the game — and music from The Baseball Project.

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Neyer is a longtime baseball writer and editor for, SB Nation, and He began his career as a research assistant for groundbreaking baseball author Bill James and later worked for STATS, Inc. He has also written or co-written seven baseball books, including The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers (with Bill James), winner of the Sporting News/SABR Baseball Research Award, and most recently Power Ball: Anatomy of a Modern Baseball Game, winner of the 2019 CASEY Award.

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Current Episode

Episode #200: February 6, 2023

Lindsay ImberThis week’s guest is Lindsay Imber, a baseball rules expert and member of SABR’s Umpires and Rules Research Committee. She is the founder of Close Call Sports and has written extensively about umpiring and instant replay reviews. She has worked as a basketball referee and baseball umpire at many levels of each sport. Since 2015, she has been the organist at home games for the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, and has also played the organ at Los Angeles Dodgers games and Loyola Marymount University events.

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What’s Rob Reading?

Jimmy Lonetti“Jimmy Lonetti: The Throwback Mailman”
By Paul Lukas, Uni Watch

“One reason I took the leap to opening the storefront is because I’m pretty close to retirement from my main job, which is working for the United States Postal Service as a letter carrier. We could do a whole talk on that, because I’m kind of quirky when it comes to my uniforms for the Postal Service. I’m the guy who finds the old patches on eBay, so I take the new patch off my shirt and put on the old one. Everything I have is vintage-looking.” … I was super-curious to learn more about Jimmy Lonetti’s postal proclivities, but that interview was supposed to be about his glove-repair business and I didn’t want to stray off-topic, so we stuck to gloves and saved the postal uniforms for another day. That day, I’m happy to report, is today.”

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